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    Cupcake Mould - Moulds

    A cupcake mold, also known as a muffin mold, is a kitchen utensil designed specifically for the preparation of cupcakes, muffins and individual cupcakes. These molds are usually made of metal, silicone or paper and have individual alveoli or cavities where the cake dough is poured for baking.

    Individual shape: The cupcake mold is designed to bake individual cakes. Each socket or cavity of the mold is designed to accommodate a portion of cake batter, making it possible to create cupcakes or muffins of uniform size.

    Various materials: Cupcake moulds can be made from a variety of materials including:


    Gobel -  - Cupcake Mould

    Aluminium mould coated with anti-stick. The authentic result assured! Beautiful exterior ...

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    MASTER CLASS -  - Cupcake Mould

    The perfect baking dish to make delicious cupcakes, fairy cakes, muffins and small Yorkshire ...

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    ... Metal molds are durable and conduct heat well, allowing for even cooking. They can be made of coated steel or aluminium.

    Silicone: Silicone molds are flexible, non-stick and easy to clean. They are also heat resistant, which makes them convenient.

    Paper: Paper cupcake molds are disposable and are often used for individual cupcakes or muffins at receptions or events.

    Ease of demoulding: Silicone and paper molds are generally non-stick, making it easy to demould cupcakes once they are baked. Metal molds may require light buttering and flouring to prevent cupcakes from sticking.

    Cupcake tins are widely used for the preparation of cupcakes, muffins and other individual cupcakes. They are convenient for cooking and serving individual portions of these delicious pastries, whether for special occasions, snacks or desserts. In addition, they make it easy to customize the decoration of cupcakes using glazes, chocolate chips, fruits, etc., to create unique and tasty creations.

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