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    Spice Grater - Graters

    The spice grater is the well-kept secret of chefs to give a touch of fresh and intense aroma to their culinary creations. This specialized utensil allows to finely grind whole spices, revealing their authentic flavors and fragrances. Discover how a spice grater can turn your culinary experience into an unforgettable sensory journey.

    Practical Uses:

    Fresh Spices: Grind whole spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, and many more for more intense flavors.

    Citrus Zest: Use the spice grater to get fresh citrus zest to add to your dishes and desserts.

    Cocktails and Drinks: Enhance your drinks with ground spices for

    Manufactum - £30.00 - Spice Grater

    Microplane Zester, Carefully removes zest from citrus fruit. Can also be used to grate hard spices ...

    Microplane International - lame fine - Spice Grater
    Microplane International

    Durable, photochemically manufactured blade - made in USA - in stainless steel, Elegant Kentucky ...

    Price upon request
    Ilsa -  - Spice Grater

    Universal 6-sided stainless steel grater

    Price upon request
    ... cocktails and infusions full of flavor.

    Presentation: Use grated spice ribbons to elegantly garnish your dishes and create visually appealing presentations.

    Some renowned European manufacturers of spice graters: Microplane, Zassenhaus, AdHoc, Cuisipro, Rosle...

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