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    Washing floor mop - Various DIY

    The floor cleaner is a type of broom specially designed for cleaning floors. It is equipped with a broom head with fabric or microfibre fringes that can be damp to effectively clean surfaces. Here is some information about the washing machine:

    Broom head: The broom head is generally rectangular or trapezoid and has fabric or microfibre fringes. The fringes are designed to be used with water or cleaning solutions to remove dirt, stains and dust from floors.

    Adjustable handle: Most floor scrubbers have a length-adjustable handle, which allows you to adjust the height of the broom according to your preferences

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    ... and size. This makes cleaning easier without having to bend or stretch excessively.

    How to use: To use a mop, simply wet the fringes with water or an appropriate cleaning solution, then pass them on the ground by making back and forth movements or by making circular movements. The fringes absorb dirt and moisture, leaving the floors clean and dry.

    Types of fringes: The fringes of the washing machines can be cotton, microfibre or other absorbent materials. Microfiber fringes are generally very effective at capturing dust, fine particles and stubborn stains.

    Maintenance: After each use, the mop fringes must be cleaned. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, they can be washed by hand or machine. Make sure to let them dry before storing them to avoid the proliferation of bacteria or bad smells.

    Some reputable manufacturers of floor scrubbers include Vileda, O-Cedar, Rubbermaid, Libman and Swiffer.

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