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    Travel iron - Washday accessories

    A travel iron, also known as a portable iron or pocket iron, is a compact device designed to be easily carried on the go. It is specially designed for people who need to iron their clothes while being away from home, whether on a business trip, vacation or other trips.

    Using a travel iron:

    Temperature adjustment: If your iron has temperature settings, be sure to choose the appropriate setting based on the fabric you are ironing.

    Connection: Connect the iron to a power source, taking into account the electrical voltage of the country where you are located.

    Wait for preheat:

    Domo -  - Travel Iron

    Dry or steam ironingSemelle with 8 small holes8 g steam/minuteSeric water (40ml)Made of powerful ...

    TRIOMPH -  - Travel Iron

    Power 1100WCapacity of the water tank: 40 mlStainless steel soleDry ironing / Adjustable steamUltra ...

    19.90 € approx.
    ... Wait until the iron reaches the desired temperature. Some travel irons indicate when they are ready.

    Ironing: Place the garment on a flat, smooth surface, then use the iron to smooth the folds by gently sliding the plate over the fabrics.

    Safe Storage: Once you are done, turn off the iron, unplug it and let it cool down before storing.

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