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    Disfrosting board - Cutting and Peeling

    A defrost board, also known as a defrost board, is a kitchen accessory designed to speed up the process of defrosting frozen food safely. It is particularly useful for defrosting meat, poultry, fish and other frozen foods evenly and faster than in the refrigerator. Here is a detailed description of the board to be thawed, as well as information on renowned European materials, styles and manufacturers.

    Characteristics of the board to be thawed:

    Materials of boards to be thawed:

    Aluminum: Some thawing boards are made of aluminum. Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it possible to transfer heat from

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    ... the room to the frozen food faster.

    Plastic: Most thawing boards are made of plastic, often with a textured surface to help speed up the thawing process. The plastic is safe, lightweight and easy to clean.

    Renowned European manufacturers of thawing boards:

    Joseph Joseph (UK): Joseph Joseph is a British company that offers a variety of innovative kitchen utensils, including thaw boards with a textured surface for faster thawing.

    Eva Solo (Denmark): Eva Solo is a manufacturer of high-quality Danish kitchen utensils that offers practical plastic thawing boards.

    Bosch (Germany): Bosch is a German company that manufactures kitchen appliances, including boards to defrost for use with their freezers.

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