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    Outdoor wall lamp - Outside wall lamp fittings

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    The exterior appliques illuminate the terrace, courtyard, porch or door while revealing the architecture and character of the house. The different ignition systems of the exterior appliques To light the external appliques, there are three categories. Manual control systems are the most common. They work with a switch or push button. Automatic versions have a motion detector that triggers light as soon as an individual passes by. It is possible for the user to program the sensitivity of the detector and the lighting time. The most sophisticated motion sensor applicators are equipped with a CCTV camera directly connected to your ...
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    Door Shop
    Kevin Reilly Lighting
    CARPYEN -  - Outdoor Wall Lamp

    Elegant outdoor appliques.

    Price upon request
    EUREKA LIGHTING - arc - Outdoor Wall Lamp
    Price upon request
    Ineslam -  - Outdoor Wall Lamp

    Ref.: BOK.07 Color: Aluminium Material: Solid Aluminium Sun: 9 x 7.2 x 10 cm.

    Price upon request
    Simac 84 -  - Outdoor Wall Lamp
    Simac 84

    Outdoor applique 74420 Flame Faro Flame Grey anthracite aluminum cast iron 74420

    17 € approx.
    Kevin Reilly Lighting - lu - Outdoor Wall Lamp
    Kevin Reilly Lighting

    Handcrafted light with metal frame and glass shade

    Price upon request
    CRUZ CUENCA -  - Outdoor Wall Lamp

    Height 72cm.

    Price upon request
    KS VERLICHTING -  - Outdoor Wall Lamp
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    ... phone and an alarm system for optimal security. An LED or halogen bulb, this is the question As for the inner appliques, those attached to the exterior walls are often used. It is therefore important to choose a light bulb with a great autonomy. Low-energy light bulbs are especially preferred on long summer evenings. Many appliques have a neck that is only compatible with a halogen bulb. However, LEDs are more economical, more resistant to frequent ignitions and have a longer lifespan. A halogen bulb works for about 4,000 hours while an LED can emit up to 50,000 hours of light. You can also opt for an applicator equipped with solar panels. It is advisable to integrate a timer that will avoid overconsumption of energy. Which material or colour to choose for an outdoor applique? The exterior applique must be made with weather-resistant materials. It should not be sensitive to cold winter periods or hot summer days. The choice of lighting also varies depending on the location of the house and the climate of the area. For example, stainless steel and aluminum models are to be favoured if you live by the sea, as they are rust resistant. For a perfect harmony of your home, you can choose appliques that are inspired by interior decoration. To give a "chic and classic" side you can opt for lamppost-style appliques in sober colors (black, green-of-grey, white...). You'll also find more contemporary models in stainless steel and brushed silver colors with more modern shapes (round and clean) or "retro-industrial" zinc style appliques. The different forms of exterior applique The appliques add a decorative touch to your exterior walls but it is also possible to choose shapes that make them discreet. Half-appliques (half-circle, half-vasque...) find their place between the windows or on a narrow wall. To enjoy all the brightness, be careful not to place them too high (about 1.80 meters). In general, the appliques are installed between 1.90 and 2 meters from the ground. So that they diffuse as much light as possible without being hindered by the opening of the doors, objects that pile up against the wall... Rising appliques (which diffuse a light upwards) require a space above it, i.e. by eaves or balcony. On the other hand, the descending appliques are more suited to spaces overhanging by a platform. Protecting your outdoor applicator An applicator is the fusion between a sensitive electronic system and a fixture. It must be protected to prevent it from getting damaged. Each applicator has a protection index called IP (Ingress Protection). It indicates the level of protection that the application has and is written IP65 for example. The first figure represents on a scale of 0 to 6 the protection against foreign objects (dust, waste carried away by the wind...). The second shows the humidity protection rate on a scale of 0 to 8. Standards to be adhered to On each apply must include the CE mark which indicates the compliance of the fixture with European standards. The NF engraved applicators indicate their compliance with French standards. As of July 1, 2013, façade lights (excluding motion sensors) must be turned off no later than 1 a.m. and should not be turned on until after sunset.

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