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    Steam mop - Various DIY

    A steam broom is a cleaning device that uses steam to remove dirt, stains and germs from surfaces. Here is some information about the steam broom:

    How it works: The steam sweeper uses water it heats to produce steam. The steam is then diffused through a special cleaning head that can be equipped with microfibre pads or brushes to clean the surfaces.

    Chemical-free cleaning: The steam broom is often used for environmentally friendly cleaning because it does not need additional chemicals. Hot steam alone is effective in removing stains, grease, bacteria and allergens.

    Versatile use: The steam broom can be

    ... used on a variety of surfaces, including hard floors such as tile, wood, laminate and vinyl, as well as on some carpets and carpets. Some models also offer additional accessories to clean windows, mirrors, seals, curtains and many others.

    Advantages: The steam broom offers several advantages, including thorough cleaning, effective elimination of bacteria, use without aggressive chemicals and ease of use. It is also convenient because it does not require buckets of water or mops, and the steam dries quickly, thus reducing the drying time of the surfaces.

    Precautions: It is important to follow the safety and operating instructions of the steam broom, as the steam can be very hot. Some types of heat sensitive floors, such as unsealed flooring, may not be suitable for the use of a steam broom.

    There are many renowned manufacturers of steam brushes, such as Shark, Bissell, Kärcher, Polti and Black+Decker.

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