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    Oil can - Condiments

    A burette is a container used to pour or distribute small quantities of liquids in a controlled manner. It is generally used in laboratories, chemical industries or in the culinary field to measure and add liquids with precision.

    With regard to the burette manufacturers in Europe, here are a few reputable companies in this field:

    Brand GmbH + CO KG (Germany): Brand is a German manufacturer specialized in laboratory equipment, including burettes. They offer a wide range of high quality burettes for various applications.

    Schott AG (Germany): Schott is a German company specialized in the manufacture of glass and glass

    OLIVIERS & CO -  - Oil Can
    16.90 € approx.
    GENIETTI -  - Oil Can
    Price upon request

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    ... products for various industries. They also produce precision glass burettes for laboratory use.

    VWR International (UK): VWR is a UK company specialized in the distribution of laboratory products and equipment. They offer a variety of burettes from different manufacturers to meet the needs of laboratories.

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