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    Shoulder cover - Clothing

    Shoulder pads are fashion accessories designed to cover the shoulders while adding an elegant and functional touch to an outfit. They are usually made from light and soft materials such as wool, cashmere, cotton or silk.

    1. Wool shoulder pads: Wool shoulder pads are perfect for cooler seasons such as fall and winter. They offer warmth and comfort while adding a layer of style to an outfit. European brands like "Burberry" in the UK are known for their high quality wool shoulder covers.

    2. Cashmere Shoulder Warmer: Cashmere is a luxurious, soft material that creates elegant, warm shoulder warmers. They

    ... are perfect for formal occasions and can be worn in any season. Famous European manufacturers like "Loro Piana" in Italy are specialized in cashmere items, including shoulder covers.

    3. Silk Shoulder Pads: Silk shoulder pads are lightweight and perfect for parties or special events. They bring a touch of sophistication to an outfit. European haute couture brands, such as "Hermès" in France, offer high quality silk shoulder covers.

    4. Knitted shoulder pads: Knitted shoulder pads are often made from wool or cotton and look more casual. They are perfect for everyday use or for casual looks.

    5. Lace shoulder pads: Lace shoulder pads add a touch of femininity and elegance to an outfit. They are perfect for special occasions, such as weddings or parties.

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