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    Acoustic palisade - Fences and borders

    An acoustic fence is a fence or barrier specially designed to reduce noise from the outside. It is often used in urban areas or noisy environments to protect properties or living spaces from noise pollution.

    Acoustic fences are constructed from specific materials that have sound absorption capacity, such as treated wood, concrete panels with insulating cores, glass panels, soundproof steel panels or PVC acoustic screens. These materials are designed to absorb or reflect sound waves, reducing their propagation into the protected area.

    Acoustic fences can be installed around residential properties, office buildings, hospitals, schools or airports to reduce noise from

    TRUE DESIGN -  - Acoustic Palisade

    Removable partition design PATCH The PATCH partition offers removable walls. The PATCH design space ...

    ... traffic, aircraft, trains or surrounding industrial activities. In addition to reducing noise, acoustic fences can also offer some privacy and enhance the aesthetics of the property.

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