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    A beer tapping machine, also known as a draught beer tapping machine or beer dispenser, is a device designed to serve draught beer at home, offering a beer-tasting experience similar to that in bars and pubs.

    Here's a description of the main styles of beer taps and some well-known European manufacturers:

    Pressurised beer filler: This is the classic style of beer filler that uses a CO2 cylinder to maintain pressure in the beer keg. The beer is pushed through a hose and nozzle to be served with a creamy head.

    European manufacturers of draught beer dispensers: Krups (Germany), Philips (Netherlands),

    SEB -  -

    Beer machine beertender vb310e10 black & chrome SEB Reference 2924624 / GBU175 The pressure par ...

    DOMOCLIP -  -

    Beer dispenser for any type of standard 5L keg or with integrated pressure system, integrated pump ...

    Price upon request
    ICH ZAPFE -  -

    1 x PYGMY 25/K beer dispenser with diaphragm pump, 1-line stainless steel dry cooler, 30 liters/h, ...


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    ... Heineken (Netherlands).
    Hand-pumped beer taps: These beer taps work by operating a hand pump to extract the beer from the keg. They are often used to serve local or craft beers.

    European manufacturers of hand-pump beer dispensers: Lindr (Czech Republic), Angram (UK).
    CO2 cartridge beer taps: These beer taps use a small cartridge of carbon dioxide (CO2) to create pressure in the keg. They are compact and easy to use, making them a popular choice for domestic use.

    European manufacturers of CO2 cartridge beer fountains: PerfectDraft by Philips (Netherlands).
    Built-in beer taps: These models are designed to be integrated into a kitchen or home bar. They can be recessed into a countertop or cabinet, offering an elegant and discreet solution for serving draught beer.

    European manufacturers of integrated beer dispensers: Gamko (Netherlands), EuroCave (France).
    Dry-cooling beer fountains: These fountains cool the beer without using gas to maintain pressure. They are often used for specific beers that do not require additional gas.

    European manufacturers of dry-cooling beer fountains: Fizzics (Netherlands). 

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