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    clingfilm dispenser - Refrigerated storage

    A food film dispenser is a device designed to store and distribute food plastic film in a convenient and efficient way. These dispensers are often used in home kitchens, restaurants, caterers and other food preparation environments to facilitate the use of plastic film when packaging and storing food.

    Some European manufacturers of food film distributors include:

    Wrapmaster: British brand that specializes in professional food film distributors for the food industry and catering.

    Bacofoil: This brand offers a variety of food packaging products, including food film distributors.

    Tescoma: Czech brand that offers a range of kitchen utensils and accessories, including food

    Tablecraft -  - Clingfilm Dispenser

    A simple food film dispenser that is easy to use and very easy to load.

    Price upon request
    WRAPFILM -  - Clingfilm Dispenser
    Price upon request
    ... film distributors.

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