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    Fake Library - Wall decorations

    A decorative fake library is an installation or decorative element designed to resemble a real library filled with books, but without actual content.

    It can be in the form of wall-mounted bookshelves filled with faux books or large trompe-l'oeil structures representing a library. This type of decoration is often used in living spaces, private libraries, theater sets, or film studios to create a specific ambiance or aesthetic.

    Here are some European manufacturers of fake libraries:

    • The Secret Door Company (United Kingdom) - Specializes in creating custom-made fake libraries with integrated secret doors for hidden spaces or secret passages.

    • Fake Bookshelf

    ... (France) - French manufacturer offering ready-to-install fake libraries with printed book patterns on panels to create the illusion of a full library.

  • Faux Books (United Kingdom) - Offers a wide range of faux books and library accessories to create decorative and functional libraries.

  • Pretend Books (Netherlands) - Provides custom-made fake libraries, handcrafted according to the client's specifications, with printed book panels and authentic details.

  • Falsche Bücherwand (Germany) - German manufacturer of custom-made fake libraries, offering a variety of finishes and book patterns to suit different decor styles.

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