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    Hair mower - Various bathroom items

    A hair clipper is an electric appliance designed to cut hair evenly and accurately. These trimmers are widely used by professional hairdressers and individuals to make different haircuts, from full shaving to stylized haircuts.

    Manufacturers of hair clippers in Europe:

    Wahl (Germany): Wahl is a German brand well known for its high quality professional lawnmowers. They offer a wide range of trimmers adapted to the needs of hairdressers and individuals.

    Philips (Netherlands): Philips, previously mentioned for nose and ear clippers, is also a Dutch manufacturer of consumer electrical appliances, including hair clippers.

    Moser (Germany): Moser is a German brand specialized

    AEG -  - Hair Mower
    Price upon request
    TECHWOOD -  - Hair Mower

    Rechargeable Head Removable and interchangeable with a single touch Mower switch 5 Positions from 1 ...

    Price upon request
    PROFICARE -  - Hair Mower

    The powerful hair clipper from ProfiCare guarantees you a well-groomed look, whether for your hair ...

    Price upon request
    ENCHEN -  - Hair Mower

    Versatile, practical and eco-friendly hair clipper. Ideal for use at home or on the go. Easy to use, ...

    ... in professional hair clippers. Their products are renowned for their quality and durability.

    BaByliss (France): BaByliss is a French brand that manufactures a variety of hair care devices, including hair clippers.

    Panasonic (Japan): Although Panasonic is not an exclusively European company, it has subsidiaries and production plants in Europe, especially in Germany. Panasonic manufactures high quality and innovative hair clippers.

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