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    Handheld Steamer - Washday accessories

    A steam steamer, also known as a steamer, is a device designed to remove creases and wrinkles from clothing, upholstery and other textiles using water vapor. It is a convenient alternative to the traditional iron, as it allows to defrost fabrics without the need for an ironing board and with less risk of burning or damaging delicate materials.

    Some European manufacturers of steam steamers include:

    Philips: This Dutch company offers a range of household appliances, including steam steamers, that combine functionality and performance.

    Rowenta: German brand known for its laundry care products, Rowenta offers quality steam steamers.

    Tefal: Another brand

    Calor -  - Handheld Steamer

    Access Steam Hand SteamEr - Ready in 45 Seconds - A new way to take care of your clothes - Now you ...

    Calor -  - Handheld Steamer

    Steamers and sanitizes in no time The Calor Access Steam+ hand steam steamer offers efficient steam ...

    Princess -  - Handheld Steamer

    Ironing your clothes is not most people's favorite pastime. Especially not if you have to go to a ...

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    FRIDJA Princess Calor IDMARKET.COM
    Calor -  - Handheld Steamer

    Steam deflector Power (W): 1300 W Pressure:

    FRIDJA -  - Handheld Steamer

    A superb travel or pocket steamer. As powerful as most full-size steam steamers, the 1500-watt ...

    FRIDJA - fridja f-1400 - Handheld Steamer

    In an advanced design this vaporizer will be able to iron any fabric. Water tank of 3.2 liters ...

    149.99 € approx.
    FRIDJA - fridja f1000 - Handheld Steamer

    A spray bottle to keep your clothes always ironed. Sold with maintenance items, your ironing will be ...

    2 déclinaisons

    99.99 € approx.
    IDMARKET.COM -  - Handheld Steamer

    Ideal for effortlessly clearing clothes and curtains, this portable manual steam technology steamer ...

    14.99 € approx.
    ... belonging to the SEB group (Société d'Emboutissage de Bourgogne), Tefal also offers steam steamers designed to simplify ironing.

    Braun: This German brand renowned for its consumer electronics also offers innovative steam steamers.

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