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    School locker - Cupboards and storage

    A school locker is a storage unit specifically designed for schools and educational institutions. It allows students to store personal items such as coats, backpacks, shoes and other items during class hours. School changing rooms are designed to help maintain order and cleanliness in school spaces while providing students with a dedicated space for their belongings.

    EVP -  - School Locker

    The School Vestiaire 2×5 Visitables Monobloc Lockers is innovative and therefore very interesting. ...

    Price upon request
    kidea -  - School Locker

    With the locker room for 6 rainbow children, the reception of children in a school becomes playful ...

    319.30 € approx.
    cloiso compact -  - School Locker
    cloiso compact
    Price upon request

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    EVP cloiso compact kidea

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