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    Connected Lighting - Various home automation accessories

    Connected lighting refers to lighting systems that can be remotely controlled and automated using wireless communication technologies, usually via a mobile app or voice command.

    Connected lighting styles:

    Connected bulbs: Connected bulbs replace traditional bulbs and can be controlled individually or in groups using an app. They often offer features such as color change, dimming and time programming.

    Connected LED strips: These flexible LED strips can be glued to surfaces to create eye-catching light effects. They are often used for accent lighting or to add ambience to a room.

    Connected luminaires: Luminaires such as floor lamps, ceiling and table lamps

    SOMFY - tahoma box - Connected Lighting
    tahoma box

    Tahoma Box

    OTIO -  - Connected Lighting

    The sockets are compatible with all auxiliary lighting or heaters (230V). The remote control can ...

    Price upon request
    ... can be equipped with connected modules to allow remote control and automation of lighting.

    European manufacturers of connected lighting:

    Philips Hue (Netherlands): Philips Hue is one of the most famous manufacturers of connected light bulbs and luminaires. Their products offer a wide range of features including color change, dimming and integration with smart home platforms.

    IKEA (Sweden): IKEA offers its own range of connected light bulbs and luminaires under the name "TRÅDFRI". They are designed to be affordable and easy to integrate into the home.

    Osram (Germany): Osram offers a variety of connected bulbs and luminaires under the brand "Smart+." Their products are compatible with several home automation platforms.

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