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    Hut mirador - Shelters and summer houses

    A mirador cabin is an elevated structure that offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. It is often built on a hill or a mountain to maximize the view. The mirador cabin can be constructed from wood, concrete, or steel and can have a variety of designs, from simple to complex.

    Some mirador cabins have stairs or elevators to access the observation deck, while others are built directly in trees or on poles. Mirador cabins can be used for bird-watching, wildlife observation, stargazing, or simply enjoying the view. They are often located in national parks, nature reserves, or scenic areas

    ... to provide visitors with a unique elevated experience.

    Here is a list of European manufacturers of mirador cabins:

    1. Siparcs (France) -
    2. Fazt (Spain) -
    3. Cabanea (France) -
    4. Walden Cabanes (Belgium) -
    5. Huttopia (France) -
    6. Arredamenti Brevi (Italy) -
    7. LuxusHaus (Germany) -
    8. EcoTree (France) -

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