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    Cat accessories - Various decoration accessories

    Cat accessories are products designed to improve the life and well-being of our feline friends.

    Types of cat accessories:

    Litter boxes: Litter boxes are essential for indoor cats. Litter bins are available in a variety of styles, including covered bins that provide more privacy for cats and self-cleaning bins that make maintenance easier.

    Cat trees and scratching posts: Cat trees offer cats a place to climb, hide, and claw.

    Water and food bowls and dispensers: Bowls and water and food dispensers ensure that your cat always has access to fresh water and food. Some are even equipped with programming to

    ... distribute food at specific times.

    Cat toys: Cat toys help stimulate your cat’s physical and mental activity. There is a wide variety of toys, including balls, feather dusters, plush mice, and ball circuits.

    Cat beds and cushions: The beds and cushions provide your cat with a comfortable place to rest. They are available in different styles, from basket-shaped beds to plush cushions.

    Cages and transport bags: Cages and transport bags are essential for travelling with your cat safely. They must be comfortable and provide adequate ventilation.

    Collars and harnesses: Collars and harnesses allow you to attach an identification tag and a leash to your cat for safe outdoor walks.

    Grooming and grooming: Brushes, combs and cat shampoos help keep your cat’s fur in good condition. Self-cleaning litter is also part of this category.

    European manufacturers:

    Ferplast (Italy)

    Trixie (Germany)

    Hagen (Belgium)

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