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    Guillotine with Sausage - Various knives

    A sausage guillotine is a kitchen tool designed to easily slice sausages, deli meats and other similar foods. It usually consists of a wooden base, a support to hold the sausage in place and a sharp stainless steel blade.

    To use a sausage guillotine, the sausage is placed in the holder and held in place. Then simply slide the sharp blade through the sausage to get even slices. Sausage guillotines can be adjustable in terms of cutting thickness, and some are equipped with finger protection to prevent accidental cuts.

    Sausage guillotines are often used in restaurants, wine bars and parties

    Bron-Coucke -  - Guillotine With Sausage

    The star of your aperitifs with friends! Abandon the board and the knife... sausage guillotine is

    Bron-Coucke -  - Guillotine With Sausage

    Deli guillotine - So Apero with tray - A convivial utensil for the aperitif designed for the cutting ...

    Bron-Coucke - l'originale - Guillotine With Sausage

    The real tool designed for the cutting of the sausage NEWTE 2017 - THE MODELE GOLIATH To cut sausage ...

    Price upon request
    SO APERO ! -  - Guillotine With Sausage
    SO APERO !

    Designed for cutting all types of sausages. Beech body and stainless steel notched blade. Dimensions ...

    49.90 € approx.
    ... to quickly prepare and serve cold cuts. They can also be used at home to prepare cold cuts trays or to slice sausages for the preparation of sandwiches, salads and other dishes.

    It is important to take precautions when using a sausage guillotine to avoid injury. It is recommended to always use the tool on a flat, stable surface, and keep fingers away from the sharp blade. It is also important to thoroughly clean the guillotine after use to avoid contamination of food.


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