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    Wick scissors - Various flowers and aromatics

    Hair shears are a tool used by hairdressers to cut hair into fine strands. They are designed to allow a precise and uniform cut of the hair, cutting the strands in a regular way without ruffles. The scissors have serrated blades that overlap slightly, allowing the hair to be cut gently while avoiding to ruffle.

    They are generally made of high quality stainless steel for long service life and optimal performance. Lockcut scissors are an essential tool for professional hairdressers, but they can also be used at home by people looking to cut their hair accurately and professionally.

    However, it

    Diptyque - doré - Wick Scissors

    This expert accessory allows you to regularly cut the wick of your Diptyque candles to ensure ...

    SESTIAN -  - Wick Scissors

    Scissors wick cutters, allow you to cut the cotton flower (part of the wick burned) to avoid the ...

    9.50 € approx.
    ... is important to note that the use of shears requires some technique and experience to avoid uneven hair cutting or causing damage.

    There are many manufacturers of wick scissors, such as Jaguar, Joewell, Kasho, Matsuzaki, Mizutani and others

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