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    Detergent - Cleaning agents and abrasives

    A detergent is a chemical used to clean and remove dirt, grease, stains and particles from different surfaces.

    Detergents are commonly used for household cleaning, laundry, dishwashing and many other cleaning tasks.

    Here are some well-known European manufacturers that offer detergents:

    Unilever: An Anglo-Dutch multinational, Unilever offers a wide range of cleaning products, including detergents under popular brands such as Omo, Persil, Sunlight and Skip.

    Procter & Gamble: This American company is well established in Europe and sells a variety of detergents for laundry and household cleaning, such as Ariel, Tide, Dash and Fairy.

    Henkel: Based in Germany, Henkel is

    SANITERPEN -  - Detergent

    Product type: Concentrated perfuming detergent Perfume: Souffle d'Orient: Floral and spicy scent ...

    FILA SOLUTIONS - filacleaner - Detergent

    Gently cleans all floors and blankets. Respects treated and delicate surfaces. It is indispensable ...

    Price upon request
    ... a consumer products company that offers detergents such as Parsley, Dixan and Pril.

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