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    Connected Key Ring - Various home automation accessories

    Connected keychains, also called object trackers or "Bluetooth trackers", are small electronic devices designed to help you locate and find objects such as your keys, wallet, phone, or any other object to which you wish to attach them.

    Connected key ring styles:

    Traditional Keychains: Connected keychains are usually small in size and can be attached to your keys or other objects. They are designed to be light and discreet.

    Connected cards: Some manufacturers offer credit cards or similar shaped cards that incorporate Bluetooth tracking devices. They can be slipped into a wallet or pocket.

    Leather or metal keychains: For those

    KUBBICK - chipolo classic 2 - Connected Key Ring
    chipolo classic 2

    Chipolo classic 2nd generation is even better than its predecessor: it sounds even louder and allows ...

    KUBBICK - chipolo classic 2-- - Connected Key Ring
    chipolo classic 2--

    Chipolo Classic 2- connected keychain it sounds louder and allows you to find all the objects it's ...

    KUBBICK - classic 2 - Connected Key Ring
    classic 2

    With this key ring connected, flush them out with the snap of a finger. Chipolo classic 2nd ...


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    KUBBICK - connecté-chipolo - Connected Key Ring

    Accompanied by its design and ergonomic application, Chipolo allows you to make your key ring, find ...

    ... looking for a more elegant design, there are connected keychains made from quality materials, such as leather or metal, for a more sophisticated appearance.

    European manufacturers of connected keychains:

    Chipolo (Slovenia): Chipolo is a Slovenian company that offers a range of Bluetooth trackers for locating objects. Their products include the Chipolo ONE, the Chipolo CARD, and other models.

    Tile (UK): Although Tile is an American company, it has a strong presence in Europe and offers popular Bluetooth trackers like Tile Pro and Tile Slim.

    Invoxia (France): Invoxia manufactures the GPS and Bluetooth tracker, the "Invoxia GPS Tracker," which tracks the location of objects in real time, including outside the Bluetooth range.

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