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    Bag Lamp - Various home automation accessories

    Bag lamps, also known as flashlights or portable flashlights, are compact and portable lighting devices designed to fit in a handbag, backpack or pocket. They are especially useful in situations where additional lighting is needed, whether traveling, camping, hiking or in the event of a power failure.

    Bag lamp styles:

    Traditional flashlights: These are classic bag lamps, usually cylindrical in shape, with a bulb at the end and a switch to turn the light on and off. They are simple to use and offer directional light.

    LED flashlights: Modern bag lamps often use LEDs as a light source, making them

    KUBBICK - soi plus-- - Bag Lamp
    soi plus--

    With the SOI Plus lamp, no more hot spots at the entrance of the subway when it comes to finding ...

    KUBBICK - soi plus - Bag Lamp
    soi plus

    BIOVA -  - Bag Lamp

    Fascinating spherical MARS salt lamp for mood lighting The MARS salt lamp immerses every room in a ...


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    ... brighter, more energy efficient and more durable than traditional lamps.

    Rechargeable flashlights: Some bag lamps are equipped with built-in rechargeable batteries, allowing them to be recharged via a USB cable or solar charger.

    European manufacturers of bag lamps:

    Petzl (France): Petzl is a French manufacturer specializing in climbing and mountaineering equipment, including headlamps and flashlights for outdoor activities.

    Ledlenser (Germany): Ledlenser is a German company that offers a wide range of high quality LED flashlights and headlamps.

    Maglite (Ireland): Maglite is well known for its robust and durable flashlights, including battery and rechargeable models.

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