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    Egg timer - Various kitchen and cooking items

    An egg timer is a device designed to help time the cooking of eggs. It is specially designed to indicate when eggs are cooked to the desired consistency, whether they are boiled eggs, calves, hard, or poached eggs.

    The egg timer is usually small and often egg-shaped itself. It works in different ways, but here’s how most of them work:

    Dip it in the water with the eggs: The egg timer is placed in the saucepan or pot of boiling water with the eggs. It floats on the surface of the water.

    Change color or pattern: The timer is designed

    BEEP EGG -  - Egg Timer
    ... to change color or display a pattern when eggs are cooked to the desired consistency. This is usually done using a heat-sensitive material or similar technology.

    Audible or visual alarm: When the egg timer detects that the eggs are cooked, it usually emits an audible signal, for example by ringing or beeping. Some models may also have visual indicators, such as LED lights.

    The recommended cooking time may vary depending on the type of egg cooking you want, for example, boiled, calved or hard eggs. The egg timer ensures that you do not forget your eggs while cooking and that they are cooked to perfection according to your preferences.

    It is a handy tool for egg lovers who want to avoid overcooking or undercooking their eggs, as it offers a precise method of tracking cooking time.

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