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    Transport case for animals - Bags and Accessories

    An animal transport case is a container specially designed to safely transport animals, whether for a trip by car, plane, veterinarian or other travel.

    1. Rigid plastic crates: These crates are made of solid plastic, are impact resistant and easy to clean. They are often used for air transport because of their robustness. European brands such as "Petmate" and "Ferplast" produce quality plastic transport cases.

    2. Metal folding crates: These crates are made of metal, usually steel or aluminum, and are foldable for convenient storage when not in use. They are popular for dogs and are used when traveling by

    BEEZTEES -  - Transport Case For Animals

    Transport box for cats and small dogs Original and useful, the Pratiko de Beeztees transport box ...

    ... car or for training purposes. European manufacturers such as "Karlie Flamingo" in Germany offer quality folding crates.

    3. Fabric crates: Fabric crates are lightweight, easy to fold and carry. They are best suited for small pets. European brands such as "Beeztees" in the Netherlands make quality fabric crates for dogs and cats.

    4. Species-specific crates: Some crates are specifically designed for a particular animal species, such as birds, reptiles or rodents.

    5. Luxury pet crates: Some European luxury brands offer premium transport crates that combine style and functionality. These crates are often made from top quality materials and are designed for design-conscious homeowners.

    European manufacturers:

    Ferplast (Italy)
    Karlie Flamingo (Germany)
    Beeztees (Netherlands)
    Marchioro, Italy
    Hunter (Germany)
    Trixie (Germany)
    Nobby (Germany)

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