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    Others Intercom phones & video surveillance - Intercom phones & video surveillance

    The category "Other Intercoms & Video Surveillance" includes a variety of devices and technologies related to audiovisual communication and surveillance in the field of home automation.

    Intercom & CCTV product styles:

    Video intercoms: These devices allow residents to see and communicate with visitors outside the home. They are often equipped with built-in cameras and two-way speakers for audio and video communication.

    Outdoor surveillance cameras: These cameras are designed to monitor activities outside the home, whether for security reasons or simply to keep an eye on the surroundings. They can be wired or wireless, and many models offer advanced features such

    TIKE SECURITE - vidéosurveillance - Others Intercom Phones & Video Surveillance

    Remotely viewable on smartphone, tablet or PC,Viewing by date / time, Recording on hard disk, Cables ...

    ... as motion detection and cloud recording.

    Home Video Surveillance Systems: These systems include multiple cameras connected to a hub or recorder. They allow extensive surveillance of the house and its surroundings.

    Smart intercoms: Smart intercoms allow residents to communicate with visitors outside the home, but without video. They often offer features such as smartphone notification and remote door opening.
    European manufacturers of intercoms & video surveillance:

    DoorBird (Germany): DoorBird offers high-end smart video intercoms that allow owners to see and talk to visitors from their smartphones.

    Fibaro (Poland): Fibaro offers indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras as well as smart intercom devices for use in the smart home.

    Netatmo (France): Netatmo offers a smart video doorbell camera that can be used to monitor the entrances to the house.

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