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    Extractor hoods are essential ventilation devices in the kitchen, designed to eliminate smoke, odors and cooking fumes. In addition to classic kitchen hoods, there are other types of extractor hoods that can be elegantly integrated into various kitchen styles. Some of these styles and well-known European manufacturers are:

    Other hood styles:

    Ceiling Hoods:

    These hoods are mounted on the ceiling above the cooking area. They are often recessed and can be aligned with the ceiling for a clean and minimalist look.
    Wall Hoods:

    Wall hoods are installed on the wall above the stove or hob. They are available in a

    ... variety of styles including contemporary, classic and industrial.
    Block hoods:

    Island hoods are designed to be suspended from the ceiling above a kitchen island, creating a visually attractive focal point in the kitchen.
    Telescopic hoods:

    These hoods are integrated into a cabinet or credenza and can be pulled out when necessary. They are discreet when not in use.
    Integrated hoods:

    Built-in hoods are designed to be integrated into a kitchen cabinet or custom cabinet, creating a unified appearance in the kitchen.
    European manufacturers of other renowned extractor hoods:

    Elica (Italy) 

    Faber (Italy)

    Gutmann (Germany)

    Franke (Switzerland)

    Falmec, Italy

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