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    connected table - Various home automation accessories

    Connected tables, also called interactive tables or touch tables, are electronic devices equipped with touch screens that allow users to interact with digital content, browse the Internet, to play games, or to use specific applications.

    Connected table styles:

    Connected coffee tables: These tables look like classic coffee tables, but they incorporate touch screens into their surface. They are usually used in cafes, restaurants, or reception areas to offer guests information or interactive entertainment.

    Connected restaurant tables: Connected restaurant tables allow customers to browse menus, place orders, or even play games while waiting for their meal. They can improve the customer

    OX-HOME - touchscreen - Connected Table

    The TOUCHSCREEN Coffee Table is part of our touchscreen series, it is equipped with a capacitive ...

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    ... experience and simplify order management for restaurants.

    Connected Education Tables: Schools and educational institutions use connected tables to create interactive learning experiences. Students can collaborate, solve problems, and access educational content interactively.

    European manufacturers of connected tables:

    Kineti (France): Kineti is a French company that manufactures touch tables for various applications including hospitality, education and business.

    Ideum (UK): Ideum is a UK manufacturer of touch tables and interactive display solutions for museums, schools and businesses.

    Chaptr (Germany): Chaptr is a German company specializing in interactive tables for hospitality and public places, offering entertainment and information solutions.

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