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    Mini kitchen - Miscellaneous kitchen equipment

    Mini kitchens, also known as compact kitchens or kitchenettes, are kitchen layout solutions designed for tight spaces, such as studios, small apartments, student rooms, offices, chalets or multi-purpose living spaces.


    Modern and contemporary: Modern mini-kitchens are characterized by clean lines, smooth materials such as stainless steel and glass, as well as neutral or bold colors. These styles emphasize functionality and minimalist design.

    Classic: Classic mini-kitchens can incorporate details such as wooden doors, traditional color finishes and decorative handles. They bring a timeless touch to a compact space.

    Rustic or country: Rustic mini-kitchens often use raw wood, aged finishes and

    MINICUCINE -  - Mini Kitchen
    Price upon request
    MINICUCINE -  - Mini Kitchen
    Price upon request
    ... rustic accents to create a warm atmosphere, even in a small space.

    European manufacturers: 

    Avanti (Italy) 

    KITO Mini-kitchens (Germany) 

    SCHOCK (Germany)

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