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    Sauce trap - Miscellaneous kitchen equipment

    Sauce dispensers, also known as sauce dispensers, are kitchen utensils designed to easily pour sauces, juices or other liquids.

    Empty sauce styles:

    Fine Pouring Spout Sauce Dispenser: This style of sauce dispenser features a fine pouring spout that allows you to pour the sauce accurately, ideal for garnishing dishes in an elegant way.

    Large Spout Sauce Dispenser: Large Spout Sauce Dispensers are designed to pour thicker sauces or liquids in large quantities. They offer a more generous flow.

    Pump Dip Empties: Some sauce empties are equipped with a manual or electric pump that allows you to press the sauce out

    BLANCO -  - Sauce Trap

    vacuum-sauce, stainless steel, multifunction Dimensions: 417 x 197 x 80 mm

    BLANCO -  - Sauce Trap

    vacuum-sauce, stainless steel, multifunctionsDimensions: 417 x 197 x 80 mm

    90 € approx.
    ... of the container in a controlled manner.

    Sauce emptier with stove: Some models of sauce emptiers come with a stove to keep the sauce at the desired serving temperature during the meal.

    European manufacturers of sauce empties:

    Rosle (Germany): Rosle is a German company specializing in high-quality kitchen utensils, including sauce empties, known for their elegant design and functionality.

    Alessi (Italy): Alessi is an Italian brand renowned for its design products, including sauce empties with a contemporary and elegant design.

    Emile Henry (France): Emile Henry is a French company that manufactures ceramic products, including high quality ceramic sauce empties.

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