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    Ice scraper - Various DIY

    A snow scraper, also known as an ice scraper, is a tool used to clear accumulated snow and ice from windshields, windows and other vehicle surfaces during the winter months. This tool is essential to improve visibility and ensure safety while driving in cold and snowy weather.

    Snow scrapers are typically made from sturdy and durable materials such as reinforced plastic, stainless steel or aluminum, which allows them to withstand the harsh winter conditions. They are designed with a flat or curved head to facilitate icebreaking of the windshield and to be used without risk of scratching the surface of

    EVA SOLO - ice scraper - Ice Scraper
    ice scraper

    Keep your car snow and frost-free, Simple and elegant design, Also removes condensation on inside ...

    ... the glass.

    Here are some examples of European leading manufacturers in this field:

    Kunzer (Germany): Kunzer is a German manufacturer that offers a variety of tools for automotive maintenance, including quality snow scrapers.

    Michelin (France): Michelin, a French company well known for its tires, also offers a range of automotive accessories, including snow scrapers.

    Petex (Germany): Petex is a German manufacturer specialized in automotive products, including snow scrapers and other snow removal equipment.

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