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    Fruit / Vegetable drainer - Cooking utensils

    A fruit and vegetable sink is a kitchen utensil designed to easily remove unwanted central parts of various fruits and vegetables, such as seeds, hearts or fibrous parts.

    This makes it possible to quickly prepare these ingredients for cooking or tasting, while minimizing edible flesh loss. Fruit and vegetable sinks are available in different shapes and sizes to suit various preparation needs.

    How a fruit and vegetable sink works:

    Choice of utensil: Depending on the type of ingredient to be hollowed (for example, apples, pears, tomatoes, zucchini), you choose the appropriate sink according to its size and shape.

    Ingredient preparation:

    Triangle -  - Fruit / Vegetable Drainer

    This hollow out will allow you to quickly and easily hollow out fruits and vegetables such as ...

    ... You cut the end of the ingredient to create a flat, stable surface. This allows the sink to sink more easily.

    Insert the sink: Insert the sink into the ingredient by applying light pressure. The utensil is designed to pierce the flesh while avoiding removing too much edible part.

    Core Removal: Turn or push the core towards the center of the ingredient to remove unwanted parts, such as seeds, heart, or fibrous parts.

    Result: You get a hollowed out ingredient ready to be cooked, stuffed or tasted.

    Some European manufacturers of fruit and vegetable sinks:

    Zyliss (Switzerland): Zyliss offers a variety of innovative kitchen utensils, including fruit and vegetable sinks of various sizes and shapes.

    Westmark (Germany): Westmark is a German brand that manufactures a range of kitchen utensils, including quality sinks.

    OXO (Europe): OXO is a brand known for its ergonomic and user-friendly products. They also offer fruit and vegetable sinks.

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