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    Beret - Various decoration accessories

    The beret is an iconic headgear, often associated with European culture, although it is worn worldwide. It is characterized by its flat and round shape, with a folded edge.

    Beret Styles:

    Traditional French Beret: The French beret is the most iconic of all. It is often associated with France and French culture. Made of wool, it is usually solid color, often black, navy blue or red, although color variations are common. It is worn slightly inclined on the side of the head.

    Basque beret: The Basque beret is a variant of the French beret that originated in the Basque Country,

    LAULHERE -  - Beret

    Mixed beret Merino wool base 100% French Head circumference in full grain cowhide leather 100% ...

    ... a region located between France and Spain. It is usually made of wool, round in shape and has a small knot at the back.

    Scottish beret: The Scottish beret, also called "tam o'shanter", is a traditional Scottish beret that is often made of wool and features a tassel at the top. It is associated with Scottish tartan and Highland culture.

    European beret manufacturers:

    Laulhère (France): Laulhère is a French company specialized in beret manufacturing since 1840. It is famous for its artisanal quality and traditional berets.

    Polished Concrete (France): Polished Concrete is a French fashion brand that offers modern berets with a contemporary design.

    Héritage Berbere (France): Héritage Berbere is a French brand that offers berets in Berber style, inspired by the artisanal traditions of North Africa.

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