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    An acoustic cabin, also known as a soundproof cabin or privacy cabin, is a space designed to acoustically isolate a person or group of people. It is often used in work environments or public spaces to provide a private and quiet space, protect the privacy of conversations or reduce noise. Common features of an acoustic cabin include:

    Sound insulation: The cabin is built with special materials and insulation techniques to block or attenuate outside sounds and reduce the spread of noise inside the cabin.
    Compact design: Acoustic cabins are generally compact in size to fit different spaces, whether it’s an

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    ... office, meeting room or public space.
    Comfort and functionality: They are often equipped with comfortable seats, built-in lighting, electrical outlets for electronic devices, and sometimes even advanced functions such as ventilation or thermal insulation.
    Modularity: Some acoustic cabins are modular, allowing them to be assembled according to the specific needs of the space or to be easily reorganized.
    Aesthetics: Acoustic cabins are available in a variety of designs and finishes to match the aesthetics of the surrounding space.
    As far as acoustic cabin manufacturers are concerned, there are many manufacturers who specialize in the design and manufacture of these soundproof spaces. Some reputable manufacturers include Framery, Odenwald, A/S Mute, Soundproof Office, and Cube Design.

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