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    Déco Box - Various decoration accessories

    "Deco boxes" refer to boxes or prepared kits containing elements of decoration for the home, designed to help people decorate their interior in a consistent and aesthetic way. These boxes can hold a variety of decorative items, such as cushions, frames, fixtures, vases, carpets, textiles, and many more, all selected to create a specific look or follow a particular decoration theme.

    Deco Box Styles:

    Minimalist and Scandinavian: Minimalist and Scandinavian decor boxes emphasize clean designs, neutral colors and natural materials such as wood and linen. They create a calm and soothing atmosphere in interiors.

    Bohemian: Bohemian decor boxes include ethnic

    ... elements, bright colors, textured textiles and crafts to create a bohemian and eclectic look.

    Industrial: Industrial deco boxes incorporate elements such as metal furniture, vintage lighting and raw finishes to give a space an industrial and urban look.

    Classic and elegant: These decoration kits are designed for a timeless and sophisticated style, with high-quality furniture and accessories, neutral colors and classic patterns.

    Art Deco: Art Deco boxes are inspired by the art movement of the 1920s and 1930s, with geometric patterns, luxurious materials and bright colors.

    European box decoration manufacturers:

    Made In Meubles (France): Made In Meubles offers a range of deco boxes inspired by the industrial, rustic and vintage style.

    La Redoute Intérieurs (France): La Redoute Intérieurs, a well-established French brand, offers deco boxes in a variety of styles, from minimalist to bohemian.

    Westwing (Germany): Westwing is an online sales platform that offers seasonal decoration boxes as well as home decoration items.

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