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    Archive container - Office - Various

    Archival containers, also known as archive boxes or archive storage boxes, are specially designed containers for storing and organizing important documents and files for long-term archiving and preservation.

    These containers are generally made from robust and durable materials to ensure the protection of documents from dust, moisture and physical damage.

    European manufacturers of archival containers include:

    Viquel: Viquel is a French company specializing in office supplies, including archival containers. They offer a range of storage products, including durable and functional archive boxes.

    Fellowes: Fellowes is an international company with a presence in Europe, specializing in office solutions and storage supplies.

    Fellowes -  - Archive Container

    Classic body with PRESTO® self-mounting system Base and sides with double thicknesses for added ...

    Price upon request
    ... They offer high quality archival containers to meet the needs of professionals.

    Esselte: Esselte is a Swedish brand known for its office supplies, including filing and storage products such as archival containers.

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