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    notice board - Noticeboards and blackboards

    A display box, also known as a display case or box, is a device used to display and highlight objects, posters, advertisements or information in a public or commercial environment. It is usually made up of a frame or structure in metal or wood, with transparent glass or acrylic panels to allow the visibility of the contents. Some common features of a display cabinet include:

    Visibility: The display panels offer optimal visibility thanks to their transparent panels that allow passers-by to clearly see the displayed contents.
    Protection: They protect posters or exposed objects from damage, dust, weather or vandalism with

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    ... their transparent and resistant panels.
    Lighting: Some display boxes are equipped with integrated lighting, such as LED lamps, to highlight the contents even in poorly lit environments.
    Secure locking: They can be equipped with a locking system to prevent unauthorized access and protect exposed contents.
    Flexibility: Some display pedestal models offer wall, pedestal or suspended mounting options to adapt to different types of environments.
    As far as the manufacturers of display boxes are concerned, there are several companies that specialize in the design and manufacture of these devices. Some reputable manufacturers offering a wide range of display cases include Nissen, Durable, Ghent, Displays2go, and Vitincom

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