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    Soda maker - Filters and strainers

    A soda machine, also known as a sparkling water machine or carbonated beverage machine, is a device designed to add carbon dioxide (CO2) to tap water, creating sparkling or carbonated water. Some soda machines are also able to create soft drinks by adding flavor concentrates to the sparkling water. These machines allow users to create personalized sparkling drinks at home.


    Sparkling Water: The main function of a soda machine is to produce sparkling water, offering a refreshing alternative to still water.

    Custom Soft Drinks: Some machines allow you to add flavor concentrates to create custom soft drinks, without the

    AARKE -  - Soda Maker

    The Aarke Carbonator 3 is the first of its kind - a minimalist carbonation machine with a timeless ...

    ... additives found in commercial soft drinks.

    Waste Reduction: The use of soda machines can reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and cans, thus contributing to waste reduction.

    Ingredient Control: By using homemade flavor concentrates, users have better control over the ingredients and sugar levels of their drinks.

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