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Sale and manufacture mouldings, rosettes, cornices, silts, pilasters, columns, ceilings in plaster. SECSTAFF is a specialist, any proposal for set decoration shops, stores, hotels, offices and housing, renovation inside and outside SECSTAFF reproduced identically your decorations existing staff through fingerprinting in Silicon by stamping. SECSTAFF offers a large choice of cornices, mouldings, rosettes, vaults, fireplace, pilasters, columns, door edges and ornaments for decoration. SECSTAFF is committed to quality, deadlines and guaranteed all of the offered products. SECSTAFF works with a customer base of professionals and demanding individuals. SECSTAFF works in compliance with the regulatory constraints to ensure the solution most suited to your needs. The traditional plastering in new technologies for the use of plaster SECSTAFF works with the largest companies. What that entrepri

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