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OKITE®. THE KITCHEN WORKTOP FOR YOUR KITCHEN, YOUR HOME, FOR YOU. THE PRODUCT Quality, elegance and resistance OKITE® is a specially engineered surfacing material, created from the perfect combination of three elements: quartz, polyester resin and natural pigments, by SEIEFFE Industrie, a 100% Italian Company with Headquarters in Montesarchio,worldwide leader in the production of engineered stone slabs, and marketed by SIC Srl (Società Italiana Commerciale). OKITE® is an iconic product that offers such a high degree of quality that only true experts can create; OKITE® is composed by up to 93% of quartz, one of the strongest and most appealing elements, and it is able to give life to a truly multi-functional surface. Highly resistant to staining, heat and scratches, five times stronger than granite, non-porous, and easy to clean, OKITE® does not require any particular maintenance, and can provide extra charme and allure to your kitchen and interiors. This is OKITE®, known internationally as the matter of your dreams that can transform your kitchen, your home, and your interiors'. OKITE® does not absorb liquids, so it resists many common products such as coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar. It is certified as a safe and hygienic product, ideal for the preparation of food (NSF, Greenguard, Leed), OKITE® totally non-porous surface, prevents the absorption of liquids or food that can develop into harmful bacteria. It does not require any additional chemical protection, making OKITE® safe for the whole family.Beauty, functionality and hygiene all in the same product, with a particular attention towards environment: at the heart of OKITE® there is a strong committment to the planet. It involves everything we do: from quartz derived from sustainable and high-quality resourcing, to the use of recycled glass, to the most efficient use of natural materials, to our sustainable production chain. We try to minimise our impact on the planet and focus on people in any way we can. OKITE®, initially conceived as a kitchen worktop and then evolved into other interiors applications, such as bathrooms, floorings, and walls is the result of constant researches developed by the SEIEFFE® Industrie Research and Development Centre; OKITE® has set new standards in the world of quartz surfacing, and can meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.A perfect solution for home interiors, but also for contract. From production to installment, the whole OKITE® network works seamlessly to deliver only the best. This is why we allow only the most highly qualified fabricators to work with OKITE®. Their skills and our expert standards transform your ideas into beautiful reality. The 10-year guarantee provides the consumer with an additional extra value. THE COLLECTIONS A world of combinations Home is the first place where ideas take shape, and OKITE® is conceived to make this path of creativity and fantasy easier, by providing endless lines and colours to make the desired project come true. The wide OKITE range allows to find the right surface for any interior. Eleven charming collections, over 90 colours: Collezione Base ? Our powerfully vivid range of single-coloured surfaces, including our exclusive Bianco Assoluto.
 Collezione Venati ? Our patented range of colour-veined surfaces has all the beauty of natural marble, only far stronger and more durable.
 Collezione Graniti ? granite-lookalike range, with the allure of natural stone but without any of the disadvantages. 
Collezione Prisma ? Inspired by light, this recycled glass range enriches the natural properties of quartz, creating a range of brilliant colours. 
Collezione AIDA ? Inspired by the brushed tricot fabric, AIDA stands out for its textured surface that enhances its naturalness.
 Collezione Monocolore ? Our single-tinted range, combines intense colour with elegance and simplicity.
 Collezione Bicolore ? Our dual-tinted range, enables you to combine OKITE® into virtually any interior space.
 Collezione Prestige ? Our premium range, made in two exclusive versions; the purest of white Thassos and the stunningly elegant, white marble-look Bianco Statuario. Collezione Pietre Preziose ? OKITE's latest arrival, this precious stone-effect collection is produced in three varieties, each with a transparent core. Collezione Scultura: new entry, offers seductive surfaces inspired by nature, but made by OKITE®. Effetto Legno and Effetto Roccia thanks to our unique moulding technique can be shaped virtually into any form. Each slab is an original piece. SOME HISTORY From tradition to revolution With a long family tradition and more than 50 years of activity landmarked by strategically successful choices, SEIEFFE® Industries is today one of the a leading companies in its field, in terms of product innovation and design. SEIEFFE® Industrie's know-how is fuelled by a continuous research in the field of raw materials: we select only those with the highest technical performances, maximising their performances. This level of attention allowed the Company to reach the highest levels in terms of quality and design, creating in the year 2000 a product with excellent functional features, and at the same time an incomparable design: the OKITE® worktop. Two years later, the 1665_Bianco Assoluto is launched, a finish that becomes quickly the Company's best seller and that continues to maintain to-date its striking record. In 2003, the Company re-designs its logo with the creative contribution of Massimo Vignelli, the famous international designer. A period of great success starts in 2004 with the launch of the much appreciated Collezione Venati and with the set up in the United States of the SEIEFFE ® Corporation, headquartered in Houston. In 2004, the Company planned a major advertising campaign with massive investments on both TV and press, doubling the number of slabs sold. The Company is increasingly international, and one year later in 2005, OKITE® is launched in the United Kingdom and SEIEFFE® UK was born with headquarters in the Greater London area; two years later OKITE® enters into the Japanese market. In 2009 the Collezione Pietre Preziose is launched, with the keywords of "light" and "color"; the Company also starts its co-marketing activities with an important trade agreement with DuPont for an aggressive strategy on the Collezione Venati in North America. Internationality, new collections, important collaborations: in 2010 SEIEFFE ® Industries is also included by the Italian government amongst the 256 most innovative Italian Companies, and joins the delegation to the Shanghai EXPO. In the same year, a new look to the Company's logo: OKITE® joins forces with FutureBrand, the international creative agency, and releases the ?red seal', that combines elegance and purity, expression of the brand's strong personality, unique quality, and well-reputed Italian craftsmanship. 2010 is the year of confirmation: OKITE ® debuts at Eurocucina, the most important specialized exhibition fair included in the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan, the capital of Italian design and decor, and initiates significant business in Germany, the heart of the European economy, in Taiwan, and starts to successfully approach the Chinese market. To better manage the constantly expanding OKITE® network and to study and implement the best marketing strategies, in 2012 SIC s.r.l. is established, under the guidance of the young entrepreneur Marcello Izzo. SIC s.r.l. headquarters in the Milan have been officially inaugurated in 2012 as also a prestigious showroom. Always in 2010, OKITE® confirms its international approach, by participating to the LivingKitchen® Fair in Koln. China confirms to be a winning choice, and the Company decides to be present on such a challenging market with a lively and active office in Shanghai. A strategic link between Italian talent and excellence, and the continuously developing needs of local architects, designers, and constructors. A long-term project, officially inaugurated during the 2012 Kitchen & Bath in Shanghai, with the aim to penetrate effectively the Far East markets. 2011, the OKITE® European market strategy has been further strenghtened with a major Joint Venture in France. In 2012, while the world economy slows down dramatically and some European countries are at risk of default, OKITE ® bets on future, by increasing the marketing and communications department and launching a massive advertising campaign, and by becoming the sole distributor of Zodiaq, the quartz surfacing brand owned by DuPont ? for the EMEA area (Europe - Middle East - Africa). Always in 2012, OKITE® has participated to the Eurocucina Fair in partnership with the most prestigious brands of Italian kitchen producers as a true ambassador of I-Style. Just to mention a few: Veneta Cucine ? with whom OKITE® has launched a preview of the sink integrated to the kitchen worktop - Lube, Stosa, Aran, Torchetti, and of course Scavolini. During the 2012 Fuori Salone Week, OKITE ® has also staged a memorable event in partnership with Scavolini.

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