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    Zone D'activité du Bois Gasseau BP 42
    Avon cedex
    T. 01 60 71 66 66
    F. 01 60 71 66 80
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    Activity : Manufacturer
    Allia in short Allia is a French company specializing in equipment of bathrooms in ceramic and synthetic materials, with a development of its business in furniture and molding-media; Allia designs and produces equipment ceramic since several decades, and in particular a wide range of large-sized parts. Can find toilet plans ranging until? 140 cm and 120 cm shower trays. To take account of l? evolution of the market, furniture are designed and developed together with ceramic parts: design consistency, complementarity of functions allow to offer particularly harmonious ensembles. It belongs to a group, European leader in the sector:? Which achieved a turnover of EUR 749 million in 2009? Employing 8000 people? Unites powerful national brands such as Adrianto, saddles and Leda in France, Keramag in Germany, Pozzi Ginori in Italy, Sphinx in the Benelux countries, Twyford in England, Ifo and Ido in Scandinavia historic Vision L? ambition of our group is to become the leading global solutions for the bathroom, the most dynamic, most innovative, most environmentally friendly l? environment creating value for its customersits staff and its shareholders. History 1892: Beginning of the manufacture of sanitary ceramics in the new plant of the "company of the retorts and ceramic products" at Lyon-Vaise 1917:Pour support l? war effort, the company opened a factory in Digoin, today main French factory 1955: Production of the first piece porcelain called "crocki" 1955-1960: the company becomes CEC (carbonization-company-ceramic) 1968-1970: Absorption of the plant L.V.A.C. (at La-Villeneune - au-Chêne(, in the dawn), specializing in porcelain, to complete the production of Digoin. 1970:Ouverture of the Limoges factory, specialized in sandstone (sinks, shower trays, toilet plans) and the furniture 1971: Lafarge takes control of CEC. 1973:Acquisition of Polyroc (Vendôme), company specializing in synthetic products: the company becomes a Packager full. 1974:Creation of the Allied brand. 1985:Entree of the Japanese group Toto in the capital. 1990: Lafarge sells its shares to Finnish group Metra, which becomes European leader in equipment rooms of bai 1994: purchase of FAS, manufacturer of baths. 1995: Metra subsidiary which manages the activity of the equipment of bathrooms, Sanitec Group, purchased the shares in Toto and takes control of Varicor ® by becoming majority shareholder 2001:e specialty Fund BC Partners acquires Sanitec Group and the fate of the stock circuit. 2005:Achat of corporations of the Sanitec group by a private investment fund Scandinavian EQT IV.
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