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    210 rue René Descartes BP10
    T. 02 98 05 88 88
    F. 02 98 05 88 99
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    Cabasse. D? where comes the name that sounds so good in our ears? Founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, Cabasse society has inherited not only the name of its creator, but its engineering also. The world of Georges Cabasse is music. It has a special gift, a unique memory of sounds. Probably should this gift from heaven to his ancestors, puisqu? in 1740 in Mirecourt, Vosges, a luthier craftsman creates the first signed Cabasse violin. After him, five generations d? artisans will continue the tradition and power l?Europe in violins, violas, cellos, which are mostly still played in orchestras today? today. The fact remains that Georges Cabasse has an obsession. The perfect reproduction of concerts qu? he loves, without any modification, staining, or distorted sound. A passion without Terminal that will lead him to innovate relentlessly, transmit and share its requirements within l? team Cabasse to offer all ears taste and the thrills of the pure sound
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    Products of Cabasse

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    Cabasse -  - Home Cinema

    Miniature Spheres - Power Hold - Absolute Spatial Consistency - Miniature spheres only 10 cm in ...


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