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Parc Tertiaire du Bois Dieu - 6 allée des Chevreuils
69380 Lissieu
T.   +33 (0)4 37 50 31 00
F.  +33 (0)4 37 50 32 00
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Ad Notam

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Activities : Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Dealer
Ad. Notam France is a company that manufactures the most beautiful TV mirrors in the world. With its range of Smart mirror designed for bathrooms, we offer a mirrored solutions connected with many applications useful daily and scalable for free. There are also LEDs with a SENSITF button on 4 lighting levels and an anti-fog film. The Smart mirror solution is accessible to the general public and so everyone can bring in advanced technology at an affordable price.


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Maison & Objet Paris

1 September 2017
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