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    9 et 11 route de Brumath
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    Ox Home

    Activités : Manufacturer, Wholesaler
    Ox-Home designed several ranges of high-tech products very competitive. We can find, particularly, the impressive mirror-screen that has made Ox-Home reputation, but also the Magic Light Film, Magic-Sound and High Sound loud-speakers... You will be able to find the complete description of each product in the dedicated part. Each product conceived by Ox-Home are unique in the world and patented by Ox-Home; Ox-Home products require several years of researches and tests to make the final result. Their researches are based on studies about technological progress and decoration market trend. Ox-Home goal is to achieve avant-garde products to reach the latest technology and Design available. Ox-Home offers innovative products, with the priority to suggest high quality products, answering your expectations and your projects. The master word for Ox-Home is "FUTURE". Products are renewed, rethought, reinvented to always be up to date concerning last technologies and last trends. They perfectly fit your interior, whatever your style is! They give character back to your room and bring a deco touch, worthy of the best interior decorator

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    Products of Ox Home

    (8 Produits)
    OX-HOME - touchscreen - Connected Table
    Connected table

    The TOUCHSCREEN Coffee Table is part of our touchscreen series, it is equipped with a capacitive ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME -  - Invisible Speaker

    Designer : B.OXOU

    When wireless technology and speaker minimisation are trendy, the Magic Sound loud-speaker adds a ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME -  - Invisible Speaker
    Invisible speaker

    All of our products are ultra-connected. All your devices can be connected to our speakers ( ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME - curvance - Miror Television

    The Curvance series takes its inspiration from the metallurgy industry. The mirror screen is ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME - applique - Miror Television
    Miror television

    The Mirror Screen fixed on wall consists of an Ox-Home Mirror with customizable colors. It can have ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME - accolade - Miror Television
    Miror television

    The Accolade range is a piece of furniture with a television ranging from 48 to 65 inches. The ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME - mirror screen - Miror Television

    mirror screen

    Miror television

    Ox-Home mirrors screens are fully customizable. You can choose the size of the mirror and it tint, ...

    Price upon request
    OX-HOME - provence - Miror Television
    Miror television

    The Provence line is a mirror composed of a stainless steel structure that can be either brushed, ...

    Price upon request


    High Tech - 05/2011
    High Tech

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