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    Catherine Videlaine
    14 bis rue babeuf
    T. 06 80 98 88 66
    F. (0) 6 80 98 88 66
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    Catherine Videlaine

    Activité : Manufacturer
    My work as a designer consists in transforming everyday objects by breaking them or distorting them. They are thus shown under a new angle. By this process these objects are given a new life and purpose. This is to me a new means of communication, bringing into light the relativity of things with a little irony and a twinkle of the eye. The objects I am working on have been recycled and transformed for other uses. They have been revisited and projected into a new dimension and purpose. They open new doors to fantasy and imagination, as well as to our present world. They show that we too can dream of new perspectives for ourselves. Most of the objects I am working on are uniques pieces, some are limited issues, but all carry the artist's signature. Hoping to see you soon.
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    Products of Catherine Videlaine

    (11 Produits)
    Catherine Videlaine - objectif indéterminé - Atmospheric Lamp

    objectif indéterminé

    Who hasn't dreamed of Tintin's rocket? Jules Vernes' extraordinary journeys? This reworked vacuum ...

    650 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - gazijouet - Decorative Illuminated Object


    Learning Household Arts For whom? For what? Learning, mimicry, daughter, mother. Game to apprehend ...

    380 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - mongoltornado - Hanging Lamp


    Designer : Catherine Videlaine

    Who hasn't dreamed of Jules Vernes' extraordinary journeys? This reworked vacuum engine makes us ...

    500 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - lumicire - Sculpture


    Designer : Catherine VIDELAINE

    A universe, where household chores are brought to light to make them more visible! Mood light Waxy ...

    1000 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - jeune fille à la robe à pois - Sculpture

    jeune fille à la robe à pois


    Designer : Catherine Videlaine

    Elegant young girl, beautiful hair dressed, dressed in her polka dot dress... She doesn't know that

    1200 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - lumidiapo - Sculpture



    Cardboard Jams Communion of the Little One Doesn't Want to Pass A Single Emergency Exit The film is ...

    500 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - trounado - Sculpture



    Verticality Light Games The waxer becomes human. Through the light, become aware of its existence ...

    800 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - lumiaspiro - Sculpture



    Designer : Catherine Videlaine

    A universe, where household chores are brought to light to make them more visible! Mood Light Vacuum ...

    750 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - vapofer - Table Lamp


    Designer : Catherine Videlaine

    The Iron Burn D'amour For his Jeannette. He's a body with her. Brutally, Violently. From this union, ...

    1000 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - le petit bal - Table Lamp

    le petit bal

    Table lamp

    Designer : Catherine Videlaine

    The ball, the accordion, the lamps, the dance. The accordion becomes a lampion and dances... Mobile

    4800 € approx.
    Catherine Videlaine - kodiapo - Table Lamp


    Table lamp

    Open Closed Open, I read Closed, he sleeps Camera with his case transformed into a Base reader made ...

    500 € approx.

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