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    Contact details
    Z.I. de Vieux-Thann - 18 rue Guy de Place - BP 60010 BP60010
    T. 03 89 37 75 00
    F. 03 89 37 75 89
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    Show Room
    FONDIS EXPO - Z.I. de Vieux-Thann - 18, rue Guy de Place - BP 60010 - F-68801 THANN Cedex - Tél. : 03 89 37 75 00
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    Activities : Manufacturer, Wholesaler
    ART IS LIFE! Basing its reputation on an established knowhow in regards quality and innovation, Fondis® has always aimed at harmoniously blending aesthetics and technological performance.Standardizing the shape and functions for a perfect combination of exterior elegance and interiorcomfort... This unconventional outlook is typical of the company's values and global vision which thrives on being different.The freelance designers have been left totally free to let their imagination and talent run free.Fondis® fireplaces are transformed into poetic, elegant, and colourful works of art which quite naturally become one with your living area.Technicians then installed the latest and multiple Fondis® high-technology. Clients are undeniably the core of all Fondis®'s energy and inspirational sources. Since heating means answering to comfort and aesthetic needsas well as technological requirements, Fondis®initiates creativity, reactivity, and industrial capacity.So that your fireplace becomes an art of living.

    Products of Winemaster®

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    WINEMASTER® -  - Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner
    WINEMASTER® -  - Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner
    WINEMASTER® -  - Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner