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Outcook is the first flexible equipped kitchen specially designed to be installed and used outdoors ; it blends in with any type of environment, as if it were a natural setting... Modern design... Lasting quality... A unique concept... To cook and prepare dishes to savour and share together... in the open air! This outdoor kitchen worthy of outstanding homes is dedicated to those who consider the art of entertaining as a real way of life!

Ambiences & References from Outcook

  • Outcook Garden-Pool | Design Contemporary
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Products of Outcook

  • Outcook - nomade - Garden Trolley

    Price upon request
  • Outcook - module de préparation 1200 - Outdoor Kitchen

      module de préparation 1200

    Module 1200 combines various equipment items : - Worktop - Fitted with stainless steel drawers ...

    Price upon request
  • Outcook - module 1800 - Outdoor Kitchen

      module 1800

    Module 1800 combines various equipment items : - Cooking modes : Plancha cooker built in work-top ...

    Price upon request
  • Outcook -  - Outdoor Kitchen

      Outdoor Kitchen
    Price upon request
  • Outcook - module nomade - Outdoor Kitchen

      module nomade

    Module nomade combines various equipment items : - Worktop - Fitted with large diameter wheels so ...

    Price upon request

Newsletter with a circulation of Outcook

  • Kitchen Equipment - 01/2011