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    Editions Gourcuff Gradenigo

    Activités : Manufacturer, Book publisher 
    We publish books on all forms of artistic expression: ancient art, modern and contemporary art, decorative arts, photography and architecture and cultural heritage in general. It can be work catalogues, catalogues d'exposition permanent or temporary, monograph or artists ' books...We strive to bring together all the talents and skills of the trades of the text book and image, to achieve a specific object in a quality approach where nothing is left to chance.

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    Products of Editions Gourcuff Gradenigo

    (11 Produits)
    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - papier peint - Decoration Book

    papier peint

    A true country that initiated the production of wallpaper, France has an incomparable historical, ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - agatha ruiz de la prada - Decoration Book

    agatha ruiz de la prada

    Decoration book

    Stylist prodigy of the Movida, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada began her professional career in 1981. Her ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - descendances abstraites de matisse - Fine Art Book
    Descendances ...

    Published on the occasion of a major exhibition organized at the Matisse Museum of Cateau-Cambrésis ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - lydie arickx oublier qu'on peint - Fine Art Book

    lydie arickx oublier qu'on peint

    Fine art book

    With contributions from: Serge Airoldi, Jean Claude Ameisen, Philippe Bélaval, Nicole Garcia, Bruno ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - danse nicolas le riche - Fine Art Book

    danse nicolas le riche

    Fine art book

    Nicolas Le Riche is arguably one of the greatest dancers of his generation. He entered the Paris ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - créations en france - Fine Art Book
    Créations en France
    Fine art book

    The post-war period in France was particularly fruitful in the field of decorative arts. A long work ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - arthur rimbaud - Fine Art Book

    arthur rimbaud

    Fine art book

    With this book we are confronted with the insignificant and radiant encounter that has nourished for ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - la lumière moderne - Fine Art Book
    La lumière moderne
    Fine art book

    Born in 1896, Jacques le Chevallier is a decorative artist who has continued to pursue personal ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - odon sourcier sorcier - Fine Art Book

    odon sourcier sorcier

    Fine art book

    After the abandonment of figuration, Odon's work follows a logical path towards interiority, ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - les grands ateliers de france - Fine Art Book
    Les grands ateliers ...
    Fine art book

    The association of The Grand Ateliers de France currently brings together 65 houses representing ...

    EDITIONS GOURCUFF GRADENIGO - dessins français du musée de darmstadt - Fine Art Book
    Dessins Français du ...
    Fine art book

    French drawings from the Darmstadt Museum, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries by Pierre Rosenberg, ...


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