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    AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques
    Contact details
    La Borie
    Livers Cazelles
    T. 05 63 56 27 98
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    Africasia Primitive And Antiques

    Activity : Antique dealer  
    Jean-Claude's first passions were old books, ancient coins and antiquities. A collector for more than 45 years, his interest in Asian art blossomed during his first posting in Asia in 1972. Since their return from the Fast East in 1992, Marie-Josee and Jean-Claude have continued to collect Asian and African art, including both primitive and classical pieces as well as antiquities from all over the world. They have owned and managed an antique shop, first in Montreal, Canada, and now in France, for nearly 20 years. Their gallery at Trocadero.com was previously named Galerie Orients-Extremes. The name has been changed to reflect the wider range of pieces they now offer.
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